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We care and support you to ensure that you can come to terms with your life. when you are ready, assist you in identifying your hidden resources and realising these to their full potential. in order that you may achieve everything that you desire in life - physically, emotionally, financially and professionally. To inspire you to recognise the path you want to take and the aims they wish to fulfill, and then to empower you with the knowledge, skills and means by which you will accomplish these aims.

Life Coaching is interactive, and is essentially a dialogue between two equals. It works from the empowering premise that we have the resources we need within us, but often some outside assistance is required in order to access these. It is about moving from where we are to where we want to be, through a process of exploration, involvement and action. It’s about now and the future, with an acknowledgement of the past. Its primary focus is on the patterns and issues that underlie the story that you bring.

Life Coaching is transformational and creates change from within the client. It is a journey we make that will help us to take up the reins of our life and transform it into the life we want to live. Effective coaching will almost always reach further than the original issue being targeted, and will give us the tools to eventually become our own life coach. It may begin with a remedial or problem solving focus, but good coaching always looks beyond this. We start to work out what we want and choose how to go about it, and in the process we learn more about both what motivates us and what obstructs us.

We begin to develop skills for our own self-management that often go far beyond the issue that initiates our journey. We start to move from confusion to clarity and action; to take stock, gain clarity, regain control, and achieve balance in our life. We aim to support, encourage and challenge, rather than advise or direct, knowing that the most enduring change comes from the empowering process of beginning to see one’s world differently. Added to all this, we hold the candle of hope for everybody that we work with.

What is Life Coaching? And what about all the other 'varieties': business coaching, performance coaching, motivational coaching, etc, etc. Personal experiences have shown that each aspect of our lives impacts on all the others. Many people come to coaching when they are feeling stuck in one particular area of their life,

The process is the same whatever the reason prompting your desire for change.

A simple definition of any type of coaching is

"A process that gets you from where you are now to where you want to be." And we often add: "And if you don't know where you want to be, it helps you decide."

Coaching is not a therapy, though the effects can be therapeutic. It can be very useful in conjunction with counselling, but there are important professional boundaries. Although we offer counselling skills training, we would always suggest that you consult a suitably qualified person if it seemed that would be more appropriate for you than coaching.

Why should you invest your money in hiring a coach? Well, there may be any number of reasons. Our founder chose for example to work with his own coach because it was literally impossible for him to see what was right under his own nose (both physically and metaphorically). We all need mirror, someone to help us see ourselves clearly and following on from that - see one’s options.

“People tell me that I create a calm, quiet, safe place where they can hear themselves think aloud, be heard, and be witnessed. A non-judgemental, supportive place. So often I hear people say during a coaching session: "Oh, that is the answer! I have just said what I needed to hear, I knew it all the time but just couldn't see it clearly until I spoke to you." (David Lloyd)

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