LCS is a private organization comprised of professionals who are dedicated to providing Quality counselling services to adults and families in the community. We are committed to reach those in need, encourage human potential, cultivate healthy minds, motivate positive relationships, shares a common goal of helping our clients face life's challenges and support them to lead more productive lives.

The single most important aspect of finding a therapist with whom you can work is finding one with whom you feel comfortable. The quality of the relationship you build with a therapist is one of the greatest predictors of success in therapy. This means you need to meet the person and then ask yourself: how did I feel with that person? Did I feel they understood what I was saying? Did I feel like I can trust them? Did they seem to have a knowledge of the problem that I was talking about? If you can answer yes to these questions, then probably that person is right for you.

If you come to see us and we have not met, we will give you an initial appointment for a reduced rate, or a half hour session for free. That will give you a sense of who we are, and more important, how we would work together. It does not matter what tricks or training someone has, if you do not like, trust or feel comfortable with someone (in any relationship) then the likelihood of compatibility is usually low.

Having said that however, if you have met a therapist and felt uncomfortable, it can be important for you to stop and think about what it is that made you feel that way. If they asked you questions that hit “too close to home,” or they asked you questions you didn’t want to think about, what you may be reacting to could be the issues you are dealing with and not necessarily the person who asked the questions. Only you can decide that.

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A good therapist will ask you questions that help you look inside yourself, and sometimes you might not like what you see at first. That is part of why you go for therapy. If someone were to simply tell you what you already know, or want to hear, that person is not going to be of help to you - It takes some honesty from yourself about yourself.

At the same time, therapy is often about helping someone feel better about themselves or more confident. Although you may hear something about yourself, or discover something about yourself that you do not like, that is part of what you will work on—changing and feeling better about yourself, acceptance of the self with all of the imperfections that you may feel and knowing that it is alright to be you - one of the major goals of therapy! We all have things we don’t like about themselves, or that they fear is inside us. Usually our fears are worse than the reality. You know this about others—but maybe not about yourself. It is hard to be your own mirror and confessor.

Why people go to counseling, What is therapy?

There are numerous and varied reasons why people choose to go to counseling. Some people have experienced traumatic events, which they would like to explore in a safe setting; bereavement, separation, difficult life transitions, or distressful experience from the childhood. Others seek help with learning how to cope with specific psychological or behavioral traits which they would like to change; depression, compulsive thoughts, difficulties with relationships or poor dietary habits.

Many people seek counseling to explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right, or learn how to cope with feelings of hopelessness associated with managing a chronic illness. However, it is not at all necessary to have a serious problem to achieve success with counseling. People may turn to counseling to develop a purpose, to find meaning in life, or attempt to stir up determination to achieve a goal.

Our work with you is always strictly confidential. Our philosophy is to help you to achieve the best outcome possible so that you can lead the life you want with confidence, whilst being free of fear and anxiety. The LCS team aim to achieve this outcome with our clients in the shortest possible time whilst ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

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