Bookings – before we book your first appointment, we will talk on the telephone and begin to explore whatever is troubling you. We can then arrange a first appointment to discuss further and explore the best approach or approaches to help – keeping in mind your own feeling of what suits you.

It is very difficult to predict how many sessions are required but we would talk about that during the first session. There is never any commitment to further sessions. Indeed, you need to check us out and ensure that you feel we are the people for you.We work with individuals and couples! Counselling sessions arranged at a time to suit you - days / evenings / weekends, and there is no limit to the amount of sessions you can have. Sessions can be arranged to take place in the comfort of your own home, at your workplace or a mutually agreed suitable venue or our office

Sessions last for one hour, however longer sessions can be arranged if required and necessary. Each person is 'unique' and a 'one cap fits all' approach does not achieve the best results, therefore we offer a service which is tailored around 'you' and 'your' needs, whether you are seeking individual, couple or family relationship counselling. The process is the same whatever the reason prompting your desire for change.

Our aim is to work with you in a non-judgemental way, offering an empathic and confidential service. A 'safe space' where you can just 'be' and explore the situations and emotions you are experiencing, enabling 'achievable' solutions to be found.

For more information please complete this form or download it here and send it to!

If you require couples / relationship counselling, we will meet with you both, listen and gain understanding of your needs / concerns, and together we will explore ways for you both to move forward. Relationship counselling covers all types of relationships, i.e. parent(s) and child, mixed families, work related issues involving employers / employees and couple's issues - lack of effective communication, trust issues, jealousy or affairs.

We all experience difficult times in our lives when we may need some extra support which may include: Individual issues - anger management, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, stress, gender issues, addictive behaviours, self-harm or suicidal ideations.

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