David Lloyd

Director, lead therapist & coach


David Paul Lloyd is the founder and central guru at LCS. He strongly believes in the value and practice of holistic mental health for all. That EVERYONE can attain their full potential regardless of their starting point.

David is a fully qualified therapist and counselor with qualifications, certificates and awards of excellence to his name however and more importantly, his passion for helping people recognise their true potential and choosing programs and treatment tailored to the individual’s needs form the foundation of his service offering.

Accredited in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, a certified Neuro-Linguistic practitioner, over 20 years as an international sports coach, an experienced corporate leader with a record of outstanding achievements, well-versed in maximising business performance, motivating others and championing team work – make him a person of choice


Our skills are here for you to draw on whether you need someone:

to just listen

to help you sort and prioritise

to evaluate and motivate

to inspire you to move past problems

to help resolve issues both personal and social

to help achieve better relationships

to help you achieve greater sense of happiness and wellbeing

to help you take control of your life

to help you set life goals

to help you build self-awareness and self confidence

to help ... you!

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