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“The Great Thing in This World Is Not So Much Where We Stand As in What Direction We Are Moving.”

Olive Wendell Homes

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Director, lead therapist & coach

David Paul Lloyd is the founder and central guru at LCS. He strongly believes in the value and practice of holistic mental health for all. That EVERYONE can attain their full potential regardless of their starting point.


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“At first I thought that my problems were too complex to work through. But with David’s patient encouragement, I learnt to understand what was happening and how to take charge of my life. I now feel at peace with myself and am enjoying my new positive outlook.”

Sandra of Buckinghamshire

“Having been promoted to team leader at work, I needed personal strength to enable my self-con dence to motivate others and be a strong leader and valuable team member.”

Roger, Berkshire

“After my husband died, I didn’t think I would function on my own. I am now working towards coming to terms with losing him, understanding my own strengths and finding belief in myself to organise and atain goals.”

Babara of Northamptonshire

“The gentle care and guidance my mother has been shown by LCS has made her smile at last.” Cheryl, Berkshire “I would never have believed that our marriage could last another day. The help and understanding from LCS has been inspirational.”

Nigel, Northamptonshire

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